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Kanaga Siva is a Graduate and a Textile Technologist with several years experience in Manufacturing, Marketing and also operating a Home Based Business. He now operates  his Internet Marketing Business.

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Key Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs.

What is it that makes some Entrepreneurs Succeed in their Businesses while many Fail.

Kanaga Sivaraj

March 04, 2009

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Successful Entrepreneurs are a special breed of people who stand out from the rest. New enterprises come up everywhere all round the year. Before long the vast majority of them disappear from the scene. Yet in this scenario we are able to view a few successful enterprises that stand tall and acknowledging the fact that their success is in no uncertain terms due to the smart  entrepreneurs at the helm of these businesses. These outstanding men possess some very special or key characteristics which is seldom noticed among the vast majority of business entrepreneurs. What are the Key Characteristics of these successful entrepreneurs that propel their businesses to the top?

1. These entrepreneurs have a strong belief in themselves. They are always optimistic, have a positive outlook and are very much aware of their talents and abilities. They are great achievers and are always confident that success can be achieved. 

2. They are great dreamers and have the habit of thinking big. They want to explore new horizons. New business opportunities, new ideas and money making opportunities often grab their attention.

3. These entrepreneurs are prepared to take calculated risks. They know very well that unless you venture out nothing tangible can be achieved. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

4. They always work according to a plan. They have a short term plan and a long term plan. Their goals are clearly laid out.

5. Successful entrepreneurs are enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate about their business. Everything they undertake, big or small oozes with self-confidence.

6. They are very knowledgeable about their business and actively participate in all business related workshops and seminars. Thus they are up to date with the latest developments.

7. Building an excellent public image is one of their key characteristics. They strive very hard to build an excellent public image for their business and for themselves. They perceive this as very critical in a competitive market.

8. Successful entrepreneurs are great donors to charitable causes and institutions. Their customers and the general public greatly appreciate their generosity which has a positive effect on their business.

9. A growing business faces many challenges in the market place. Changes are inevitable if you want to be successful and these entrepreneurs are ever ready to meet these challenges and make the necessary changes.

10. They are always customer oriented. Their attitude that the customer is always right helps them build good customer relationships and thus beat the competition.

11. Time Management plays a major role in the lives of these smart entrepreneurs. They do not procrastinate. They think fast and make quick, wise decisions that helps them progress much faster than their competitors.

12. These entrepreneurs are highly motivated people. Failure is never an option for them. Their remain completely focused on their business and  their main ambition is to be a successful business entrepreneur.

These key characteristics are essential for entrepreneurs who want to succeed and it can be observed that a vast majority of successful entrepreneurs do possess most of these  characteristics.



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