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Some Useful Mobile Applications For Small Business Entrepreneurs

Gourab Nanda

August 08, 2011

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 To pick a handful of mobile applications for businessmen from the thousands of effective, entertaining, utilitarian and amazing apps is definitely a daunting and an almost impossible task. But we still have to make it simpler for you by choosing some of the best business apps. Here’s the list:

As the name suggests it helps you take note of everything you feel important or even slightly useful. A business idea strikes you; key it in Evernote, it is automatically processed, indexed and made searchable, later you can add tags and get the best out of your small yet powerful idea. You can click pictures, clip a webpage and store it, you can sync your files to your computer, and it has an online backup facility and lots more. Just use it to know the benefits.

About 320,000 people downloaded Evernote in the first week of the Mac App Store. Of this number, about 120,000 had never used Evernote before, and created new accounts.

Travel is an integral part of your business and so is the chaos with managing it. Tripit makes it simpler and easier for you by organizing your travel details in one master file, even if you booked your tickets and hotels from different sites. It also includes the maps, route directions and weather report which make the whole trip a lot easier.

Tripit won the best travel mobile app in 15th annual webby awards.

Documents to go
This should definitely be part of your mobile. It gives you the convenience to create, view and edit file on Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You can also view PDF, Apple iWork formats among others which make this a very useful application. Another feature is that you can sync your files with GDocs, Dropbox, idisk and SugarSync making it more effective and desirable.

This is one of the best android applications that is also supported by iPhone, Blackberry and windows mobile. Dropbox is a cloud computing based application which lets you use and sync files across the internet. It supports revision history, which helps you retrieve deleted files; it also has a file versioning system which enables you to track the history of the file including the changes it underwent with every version, overall a very effective way to store and use your data.

Analytics Apps
This is a great website analytics tool for the iPhone and iPad. This gives you instant analysis data for your website even when you are on the move unlike desktop based analytics. It is also much easier than using your desktop browsers, making it a much needed analytics tool.

It’s your on-the-move guide and companion, as you walk around a place, it shows you the directions, information about the place, Wikipedia results relating to the local monuments, trends on local news, restaurants, and virtually creates a visual reality of the place around you with detailed information about it. This is a futuristic application and with enhancements can become a 3D guide to the world around you.

Layar is the 2009 runner-up for the best augmented reality mobile browser.

This is a Blackberry based CRM tool designed for sales professionals who are mostly mobile. Marketers can store business contacts, leads, company details, deals, emails etc., and also have a graphical dashboard on closed sales, trends, forecasts and sales funnels. You can sync this data with the SalesNOW website, making it accessible for other sales teams, overall a great app for salesmen, who make the crux of any business.

As mentioned this is just a handful of effective utility apps targeted towards businesses men. Lots more is in store and yet to come as well. So choose the best and get the best.



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