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Michael Brooke Ph.D is a retired senior university administrator who lives in Victoria, British Columbia. He is by profession an adult educator, a corporate trainer and recruiter and a published author. He runs Internet businesses, and his mainstay being Prosperity Automated System, an automated marketing system, which you can see on Other activities are beekeeping, stained glass work and gardening. Reach him at [email protected] if you wish.

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Looking for an Exciting New Internet Business: Look at Prosperity Automated System

Is This Too Good to Be True?

Michael Brooke

July 06, 2006

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There have been big technological breakthroughs on the operations side of the Internet, thanks largely to Google’s innovations and other search engines scramble to keep up with it. Internet businesses on the other hand are still developed along a few narrowly defined protocols with the odd tweak here and there, but there have been no major breakthroughs, that is until Prosperity Automated System (PAS) appeared on the scene about a year ago.

PAS really does have something new to offer. While the writer does not pretend to understand the technology behind PAS, as a user he knows what it does and he loves it! PAS takes all the boring, grunt work out of Internet sales and marketing which up to now has consumed hours a day of our time: getting reliable leads, phoning them, following up etc. You know the routine. It’s mind-numbing, and only the most dedicated and the most numb-minded stick to it.

PAS is changing all that. PAS identifies likely prospects right from the search engines, as well as through extensive offline marketing, and after weeding out the tire kickers, only pre-qualified prospects finally reach your website ready to buy your product whether it be health food or sports equipment. In addition, the prospects also have an opportunity to buy and then resell the System itself and earn $3,000 USD each time. You therefore can have two or more two streams of income emerging from your website. While you have to answer questions on your own products, you don’t have to do anything to market PAS if you don’t want to. If there are any questions or prospect concerns, PAS’s experienced Team Leaders address them on your behalf.

PAS is the ideal business for different groups of people.

+ As PAS is truly a passive income opportunity, you don’t have to do anything to earn your money if you don’t want except purchase your System (by license agreement, like most software) and wait for the money to be posted to your bank account.

+However, if you want to take a more active role and have some extra marketing funds, you can do your own advertising and market more aggressively for yourself and your team. In this way you are likely to attract more prospects to your website and sell more product. PAS is a win/win/win opportunity for all. No one is left behind.

PAS is arguably the only company on the Internet that offers this degree of automation. Its future potential is enormous for those who are patient and don’t expect to get rich overnight. Right now there are only a few hundred associates in this young company so it is a great time to join. But take off it will when the Doubting Thomas’s and the skeptics finally admit to its merits and make a mad scramble to get on board. But when the quotas are reached, that’s it.

Prosperity Automated System is so subtle, so innovative and so clever that it has gone almost unnoticed except for the 400 smart people who have already bought into it, most of whom are laughing all the way to the bank! I think this low key approach is done intentionally. The owner and the associates want the company to grow slowly and methodically so they can resolve all the developmental issues before the surge to join takes off.

Be assured this company is not for the frenetic, Anthony Robbins, gung-ho types. If you want this go elsewhere. Join one of the many high pressure Internet companies developed for the benefit of its owners and the early opt-ins. Here you will have lots of opportunity to engage in countless conference calls, make 100s of phone calls a week, and be pressured daily to buy more and more product. Not so with PAS! It’s very simple, very straight forward, and very forthright and honest. It takes its lead from its owner, Bill Osterhout.

I have found most the people I have associated with in PAS to be, in a word, “mature”. It proves a point made many times. Employees or associates assume the temperament of their Boss if he or she is a strong personality. If he or she is a mature, positive, confident, low-key type, somehow this rubs off on the others. In my experience this is exactly the situation with PAS where the President Bill Osterhout, is just such a person. Associates respect him. Associates trust him. While Bill calls the shots—as he owns the company—he is smart enough to know he doesn’t have all the answers. Bill will always listen to you regardless of how way out your idea may be and the brighter and more successful associates are listened to with particular care. He listens quietly, and dispenses his measured response wisely.

To read more about this rare opportunity, check it out on If you are a mature, patient person, have some experience in life, and some money to invest, you owe it to yourself and your family to visit this site. If you are the type of person I have described, I know you will really like what you see.

Written by Michael Brooke, Ph.D.


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