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How To Find a Good Small Business Phone System?

Jeff Schuman

May 18, 2006

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Do you find yourself running a small business with difficulty getting to every call? When running a small business people often feel that simply putting in a separate business line away from the home line will be good enough. It’s just a matter of time, however, that you’ll realize that one separate line is just not good enough to get to every call and to get messages from every call. With the help of a small business phone system you can take phone calls as if you’re actually in a true work office.

There are small business phone systems of all sizes for different home businesses, whether it is just you working at your home or a small business that is closer related to an actual business. There are numerous different options to allow you to get what fits your business best. You can choose from how many central office lines and extensions the phone has, whether the system is advanced enough to work with answering machines, cordless phones, fax machines and computer modems without the need for additional cards or modules, and whether you want voice mail expansion or not.

The options are endless and the accessories that can be added to the different models of phone systems help bring your system to the quality of a high end business company. The small business phone systems can become quite pricy depending on how much you add and how high quality of a model you choose, but as soon as you buy one you’ll realize what you’ve been missing out on.

Panasonic has a great website selling numerous different models and accessories to phone systems. For a basic home business, Panasonic has a backlit Three-Line LCD speakerphone selling at $219.99. This system includes three separate lines, 24 programmable buttons to allow you to program features such as speed-dial phone numbers, an intercom, transfer buttons, hold key, and much more.

There are many other models in between the lines, but the top of the line speakerphone system from Panasonic sells for $999.99. What this comes with is six central office lines with 16 extensions, plus an expansion of three central office lines and eight extensions. The touch-tone single line phones allow you to access call transfer, conference calling, hold, intercom, and many more features. You can have up to 100 speed-dial numbers programmed and personal speed-dial allows each extension up to 10 speed-dial numbers. These two small business phone systems and many more can be found at:

As mentioned earlier, these phone systems can become quite pricy. One thing that this website does offer are open box buys. These are items that function completely fine, but have been returned, used as demo products, or have missing or damaged packaging. While all sales are final, the offers can save you up to 75%. An example of the great deal is a 32-mailbox voice processing system that originally sales for $699.99 that you can purchase for just $499.99, just because it may have been used as a demo.

Yes, it is expensive you might say for just a phone. However, starting a business isn’t always going to be cheap. Just remember that in order to make money you’re going to have to spend a little money as well. With the help of a small business phone system you’ll be on your way to receiving numerous calls, helping your small business proceed to success.


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