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How to Incorporate Video Content into Your Marketing Efforts

Kristel Staci

January 15, 2020

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Just like it is said that a picture could say more than a thousand words, a video can say more than a million words. Video content remains the fastest way to disseminate information. With a short video spanning a few seconds, you can captivate a large audience and increase your profit profile.

It is a current fact that video marketing is the in-thing for any marketing strategy. This is because it has become relatively linked with business success through the Web. Stats have also shown that more than 80% of traffic is driven by video content. It is also predicted that with the evident drift of internet users from the computer to mobile devices, video content will become more vital in marketing products.

With the aid of a video marketing strategy, your business will receive a sustained boom, and stand out in your highly competitive market.

Video content marketing has been a pivotal force in marketing, and major social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have used video content to generate billions of visits to their platforms per day!

To make these stats more appealing is the fact that video content creation has become easier in recent years. With many apps capable of creating high-quality video content even on mobile devices, it is easier for smaller businesses to get video content into their marketing strategy.

Video marketing is mostly effective when leveraged with your marketing strategy consistently, the benefits may seem inaccessible at the moment, but the stats will make your effort worth it sooner rather than later.

Steps to Incorporate Video Content into Your Marketing with Ease

Identify Your Target Audience

The first step in getting your video marketing strategy kicked off is to understand your prospective consumers. Before getting the video content into your marketing, you need information to make the content more potent in your strategy.

Getting to know your audience no longer needs you undertaking a door-to-door survey, technology has created a better way. With several tools that can be used to get your target audience, you have an easier start-up. This can also be accomplished by spending more time and focus on the best social media platforms that are most relevant to your audience.

These software have the ability to crawl the web and deliver the stats related to your audience to enable you tailor your content to suit their needs. With this step, the chances of your marketing effort gaining more efficiency will increase.   

Valuable Content is the Best Point to Start From

When planning on incorporating videos into your marketing, it would be unproductive to post anything you wish and hope people will start accessing your site more than before. Your marketing strategy will reap benefits, but after a while. Place emphasis on getting your content to possess value, and make the content easy to share (via YumYum). This approach will generate trust in your customers. Your video content could be focused on anything concerning your product.

Time Your Videos Wisely

If your video content is to attain your desired output, it has to be trimmed to be at the right time. With a long video used in your marketing, potential consumers may easily get bored and go onto your competition.

Depending on what you’re selling, your videos should be at least within a few minutes. This shows you value the time your visitors spend watching your videos. It also increases the probability that they’ll watch your clip to the end, and make a purchase afterwards.

Many video marketers use this technique with great skill to reap results. You shouldn’t be in the dark when it comes to what other businesses do to generate more website traffic. Make your content as relevant and short as possible, and you’ll get more attention online through your videos.

Your Videos Should Be Where Your Customers Are

You can’t get the best out of a video marketing strategy without actually ‘targeting’ your audience. When we say targeting, we don’t mean with the scope of a rifle, but with a good strategy. Internet users spend most of their time on social media, and the stats are there to prove it.

Make your video content visible across social media platforms, as the likelihood of such videos been shared on social media is greater than anywhere else. Get external links to your social media sites through your website to enable traffic continues flowing to your business.

Focus on Getting Your Potential Customers to Stay on Your Site

Statistically, it is more likely for a site visitor to spend more minutes on sites with video content than on plain text pages. Get the videos on your site that can make your visitors spend more time. This is difficult to do, but if you get a good collection of compelling video content, you can easily pull it off.

Get Video Content without Shooting any Footage

Everything in the world has now been made so easy, it’s a wonder we’re all not slobs yet. If you want to get video content without actually getting behind the camera, you can buy footage in stock. There are websites that can provide you with good videos that tell your story the way you want.

This makes incorporating videos into your marketing strategy less cumbersome.  

Add Live Streaming in Your Marketing

Live streaming is one of the most potent, yet neglected means of giving your marketing a big boost. With live streaming, your customers and prospects have the opportunity to reach you live and get to ask questions they feel are important.

Many businesses use live streaming in their marketing today, and the benefits will continue being evident in your strategy in no time at all.

Establish a Good Release Frequency for New Content

When your videos have started rolling in, maintaining their release will be required. This means that there has to be a time where your visitors are to expect a new video. When your video content isn’t renewed over time, the message becomes stale, rendering your video strategy invalid. Make sure you keep the content coming in, and get the visitors returning to get more from your site.


It is ideal to have a flexible approach to your video marketing strategy. The internet is constantly evolving, and a flexible marketing strategy will make sure you don’t get lost among the competition.


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