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How to Introduce Your Business in 60 Seconds or Less

Biba Pedron

August 07, 2006

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As a small business owner, we have various marketing options to promote our business: advertising, telemarketing, direct mail. But my favorite is definitely networking. First, it is the most low cost marketing tool and second it is a way to build long-term relationships with people. If advertising can give you a great result in one shot, networking will bring you more in the long run.

Since 2003, when I started Biba4Network, I organized many business networking events, which were a great opportunity for me to meet a tremendous amount of people, make deals, get clients, make friends and learn from others entrepreneurs.

During those events I also noticed that a significant number of people had great products or services but just didn’t know how to present them. And as a result were not able to attract the clients they were looking for.

One of the keys to networking is to be able to introduce yourself and your business in 30 to 60 seconds or less, in one or two sentences, in a very concise way. In other words, you need to have a very efficient elevator pitch. You should be ready to deliver your elevator pitch in the blink of an eye at a moment’s notice.

But what is an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a short presentation that introduces you and your business’mission- and makes you memorable. It focuses on the benefits you provide- and can be delivered in 30-60 seconds or less, even in an elevator, hence the name.

If you are passionate, excited and eager to create and manage your own business, then you should be able to describe, in one or two brief and concise sentences, exactly what you do, why your offering is the best in the marketplace, and in effect, why the person should buy from you.

The best way to develop your elevator pitch is to summarize or list the most enticing, exciting and valuable benefits that your customers will get when they use your products and services.
How can your products and services solve problems or meet needs?

An effective elevator pitch makes a lasting impression, demonstrates your professionalism and allows you to position yourself with your target customers.

Remember that your clients’s main concern is: “What benefits will I receive when I buy your product or service?” So when you prepare your elevator pitch always make sure that your audience need to answer this question “What's In It for Me?”.

People are always more interested in how you can help them than in what you do or how they can help you.

Consider these points when you develop your elevator pitch:

1/ Write down the “deliverables”- the products, services and features that you provide.
Then, analyze your offering and put yourself in your customers’ shoes. What good things will they get or what good things will happen to them when they make a purchase?

2/ Be specific. Use numbers and statistics when you can.
For example, double your revenue in less than 12 months, achieve a 30% increase over last year, lose 20 pounds in 10 weeks, triple your number of subscribers in 5 days or less.
People are driven by numbers because they add a sense of credibility to a claim. Numbers also generate curiosity and anxiety, another useful tool that motivates people to make a purchase.

3/ Never reveal your entire story in your elevator pitch. Highlight the main benefits your products and/or services provide, which will encourage people to ask questions and start the conversation.

4/ Create a tagline that will grab your listener’s attention and force him/her to stop what he/she is doing and listen to you. The most effective openers leave the audience seeking additional information. Compare your elevator pitch to the cover of your favorite magazine. Most likely, you’ll find the titles of the key stories in that issue. If the titles don’t grab your attention and raise your curiosity quickly, then you probably won’t buy that issue.

5/ Practice your elevator pitch to the point where you can recite the language with perfect ease, great confidence and clarity and total poise immediately. It is extremely important that you feel totally comfortable whenever you deliver your elevator pitch. Learn it; practice it; master it; but never read it. Your delivery must be very smooth and totally fluid. Continually practice your elevator pitch in front of the mirror and before your friends until your Pitch becomes part of you.

So do you have a better idea? Are you ready to write your elevator pitch?
Try this the next time you describe what you do. Choose your words. Hook your listener. Make them ask questions. Make them want to meet with you and buy your products and services.

Still having trouble writing your elevator pitch? You’re definitely not the only one. The good news is-I’ve developed a Networking Training that will help you to not only create your effective elevator pitch- but also redesign your business card so that it will be unique and memorable. Choose the best networking group for your business and create a follow-up system to maximize your networking effort. You can learn more about the Networking Training at

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