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Business Health, Wealth and Workers
November 13, 2006
by John Mehrmann
Condensed highlights are only a glimpse of the many incredible accomplishments from the life of this prolific entrepreneur. Many may ask, "What inspires and enables a man to achieve so much in a single lifetime?"

Simplified Employee Pension Plans in the Small Businesses
November 10, 2006
by Jeffrey S. McLeod
A SEP plan allows an employer to make contributions toward an employees' retirement, and if self-employed, his or her own retirement.

Firing Someone
November 02, 2006
by Bob Selden
Ever had to fire someone? How did it go? Chances are, that if you are a manager you will have to fire someone during your career. Bob Selden sets out some points that will help you through the process whilst maintaining the self esteem of the employee.

Secrets to Effective Staff Meetings
October 30, 2006
by John Mehrmann
A Survey reveals stunning similarities in staff meeting results. How can you make your meetings more effective, and how can you measure your results? Quick and easy suggestions to improve meeting performance.

Are Happy Employees Motivated Employees?
October 24, 2006
by Bob Selden
As managers, do we consciously try to provide this same level of motivation for all of our employees? Or, are we merely fixated on striving to achieve the deadlines, budgets and targets that are set for us and forgetting what it was really like when we worked in an environment that was truly “motivational”.

Stellar Service Requires A "Bias to Action"
October 17, 2006
by Craig Harrison
There are two types of people in world: Those who make it happen (demonstrating this bias to action) & those who let things happen to them. Peak performers & high achievers have a bias to action.

How To Select The Right Person For The Job
October 16, 2006
by Bob Selden
One of the most difficult tasks of management is to find the right person for the job. Bob Selden suggests some proven methods for improving your hit rate.

Is There A Better Way To Give Bad News?
October 09, 2006
by Bob Selden
As managers, we all have to give feedback from time to time that we consider to be “bad news” for the employee.

When the Cat's Away - Getting better frontline decisions without you
September 26, 2006
by Jeff Mowatt
As a manager, you may assume that the guidance you give to your employees while you’re on-site, will translate into them making better decisions when you’re away. Unfortunately, the reverse may be true...

Managing Under Fire
August 11, 2006
by Allyn Cutts
Have you ever worked with a “wanna be” firefighter? No, I’m not talking about the heroic men and women who ride in red trucks with sirens blaring and spend their days saving lives.

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