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4 Keys to Advanced Blogging Success - A Is for Action


Patsi Krakoff, Denise Wakeman

November 09, 2007

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Simply writing on a blog isn't enough to drive business. You have to pay attention to four key areas to have a successful blog: Content, Outreach, Design and Action.

The CODA system is an easy check list for paying attention to what really matters on your business blog. If you aren't getting the kind of results you want from your blog, study each of these areas to find where you can improve and then make the necessary adjustments.

A is for Action

Normally "call to action" is associated with a sales letter designed to get readers to click and buy. When blogging for business, however, consider including a call to action in most posts. The "action" is different and more subtle, however, than asking readers to click to buy something.

(Definitely ask your readers to "click here and buy or register." Of course! If you're in business, then you're not using your blog just for your ego, after all! But there are other calls to action in blog posts that must precede that.)

The primary action to be concerned with in your blog is building relationships and trust with your readers. Every thing you write should keep the readers' needs in mind. Here are tips for building trust and engaging your readers.

"What Do Women Want?"

Just like the movie title, you should continually ask "What do readers want?" Here are a few ways to engage your readers and find out what they want:

• Ask readers questions and ask them to leave comments
• Run a poll or a survey
• Run a contest
• Ask them to submit their tips, ideas, and suggestions
• Write a top ten list of best blogs in your field, then ask readers to contribute additional suggestions. This will let you know what your readers are reading and give you an idea of what they appreciate.
o (This is a great way to build links because people on your top ten list will post on their blog about being included in your list…)

The more you can create opportunities to interact with your readers, the more likely they will become loyal readers, fans, and clients.

This is relationship marketing, and everything you do on your blog should be designed to build relationships with readers, by keeping them top of mind.


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