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A Beginner’s Guide to Generating Online Ad Revenue
September 01, 2008
by NewSunSEO
As a new online business, you already know that one way to generate some much needed revenue is through online ads. But when you hear about all the different ways marketers promote their products and services - banners, social networks, contextual advertising, online videos, blogs, email, and the list goes on. There are innumerable ad sizes, formats, technologies, and marketing channels. But start with some basics and you’ll quickly learn how to be a savvy online advertising channel.

The Brochure Printing Paper Difference
July 29, 2008
by Hallel John Ines
Brochure printing paper is important but the finish is just as important as the paper that you use. The right type of gloss will make your colors even more vibrant and more colorful than before. The sheen will help you in absorbing more light for your prints giving them wonderful and full colors.

Some General Brochure Design Tips
July 11, 2008
by Karen grahams
Forget Your Name It just seems natural to put your business name at the top of your brochure. In fact, most people put their name at the top (or near the top) or all of their promotional material: website, brochure, business card, etc.

Brochure Design in 7 Easy Steps
July 10, 2008
by Carla Lalet San Gaspar
Advancements in printing technology have made brochure design very accessible to a lot of people. Today, creating and printing your own brochures is very easy.

Some Business Card Tricks
July 09, 2008
by Kaye Marks
You probably have gotten used to handing out your business cards quite regularly, which is good! Your business cards are great tools that can build your contact list and customer relations. If you are not already, you should get in the habit of handing out your business cards to everyone you meet that could become a business contact or customer in the future.

Steps to a Writing an Effective Press Releases
July 09, 2008
by Diana Ennen
Want to get the most media attention and spotlight for your business? Then the first place to start is with a great press release. Now I can almost see half of you leaving now, dreading the thought of having to write one of these. But wait. I'm going to show you easy methods to make your press release work for you and get the attention it deserves. Ready? Let's go.

How to Make Cross-Promotion Work for You
July 08, 2008
by Kaye Marks
Before getting into how you can use cross-promotion as a marketing technique, let's define what exactly it is.

Event Planning: Getting All Your Seats Filled
June 24, 2008
by Kaye Marks
Your company decides to hold a big event. You need to get fifty seats filled, hundred, or five hundred. You are given the task of getting those seats full of people, and so you sit down and start to strategize on how you can go about doing it. Here are some tips for figuring out the best ways to get the job done.

Why You Should Consider Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Your Business
June 16, 2008
by Alicia Forest
Would you like to bring targeted traffic to your website in as little as 15 minutes? Then you should learn about pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, especially if you are starting to optimize your website for the search engines.

Designing Your Company's Success
June 13, 2008
by Kaye Marks
Developing brand identity is a vital part of succeeding in the business world. Your goal, of course, is to generate an identity that is instantly recognizable to customers, and leads them to investigate your company to fill their needs.

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